Venomous Snakes of the World

Originally published in 1962, and fully updated and colorized by Scott Shupe, Venomous Snakes of the World is the perfect practical guide to not only snake bite survival, but to understand and identifying every venomous snake on the planet. Even if no life hangs in the balance, this manual is a great reference guide for the outdoors enthusiast, the reptile lover, or anyone with a thirst for pragmatic, how-to knowledge. With this comprehensive edition, you will be armed with one of the most thorough volumes available for dealing with these incredible reptiles, including definitive advice on: Precautions to avoid snake bites, Identifying the symptoms and signs of snake venom poisoning, First-Aid and medical treatments, Recognizing poisonous snakes, Indigenous species to various regions around the world and Sources of Antivenin.

Snakes are among the most deadly creatures on the planet. They are also extremely fascinating, and by taking the proper precautions, can be enjoyed and appreciated. Learn to fear and respect these incredible reptiles.

336 Pages
11" x 8.5"
ISBN: 978-1-62087-623-7

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