Soldier of Fortune Guide to Super Snipers

Becoming an elite sniper involves more than learning how to shoot. Snipers need to know how to judge terrain, wind and sometimes the curve of the Earth. They train their eyes to spot enemy movement in the distance and to never hesitate. A sniper is more than a finger behind a trigger; he's a scout, scientist, strategist, and the support for a platoon. This guide to Super Snipers brings you into the world of some of the most accomplished snipers. From Finland to Iraq, Korea to Somalia, Soldier of Fortune provides stories from the eyes of the snipers. These trained marksmen describe their method of taking the perfect shot. Some of the super snipers in this collection include: Major Charles Greene, Sergeant Dan Mills, Gunnery Sergeant Jack Coughlin, Chris Kyle, Robert K. Brown and many more!

Every sniper—just like every situation that calls for a sniper—is unique, and Soldier of Fortune Magazine Guide to Super Snipers will show you every step of the way, as you find the target, narrow the scope, and take the shot.

352 Pages
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ISBN 978-1-62636-067-9

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