US Army Combat Pistol Training Handbook

Perfect for those interested in joining the army as well as for those who just want to learn how to shoot combat pistols. This handbook reflects current Army standards in weapons qualification and can be a guide for the instructor to develop training programs, plans, and lessons.

The first part focuses on the components and functions of the pistols. Learn about components, ammunition, maintenance/assembly, clearing procedures, preventive maintenance, operation, loading, unloading/clearing, troubleshooting and much more. The second part you will find topics such as marksmanship, grip/aiming, breath control, trigger squeeze, techniques of firing, target engagement, combat reloading techniques, coaching, safety, ect. The appendixes include a thorough explanation of the U.S. Army qualification courses and training schedules.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about training with an M9 or M11 pistol. Loaded with illustrations and charts, this handbook shows as well as tells how to be the best pistol shooter in the Army.

128 Pages
5" x 8"
ISBN 978-1-62087-737-1

Item Number 45060 - MSRP $12.95

ITEM# 45060
MSRP $ 12.95