NDūR - Emergency Survival Bag

The NDūR® Emergency Survival Bag comes in a small compact packable size but yet opens into a full sized sleeping bag that will fit a fully clothed adult. It is made of a strong insulating material which reflects back 90% of the user's body heat. It not only helps to provide protection in various weather conditions but also prevents and assists treatment of Hypothermia.

- 36" x 84" / 90cm x 213cm
- Fits fully clothed large adult
- Assists in body heat retention in emergencies
- Reversible colors available:
> Olive/Silver or Orange/Silver
- Silver side can be used as a signaling device
- Folded to compact size for easy storage

Weight: 5.3oz / 150.3g

OLIVE 61420
ORANGE 61425
MSRP $ 10.00
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