NDūR - Emergency Survival Blanket

The NDūR® Emergency Survival Blanket is made of strong insulating materials that reflects 90% of radiant body heat. Available in two reversible options, olive to silver or bright orange to silver. This large survival blanket provides emergency protection in all weathers and prevents and assists treatment of Hypothermia. Blankets are used as first response for preventing hypothermia in trauma cases. Hypothermia in trauma cases occurs regardless of ambient temperature. Stopping heat loss should begin immediately. It can also be used as a signaling device for easy identification.

- 48" x 84" / 120cm x 213cm when opened out
- Assists in body heat retention in emergency situations
- Reversible colors available
> Olive/Silver or Orange/Silver
- Silver side can be used as a signaling device
- Folded to compact size for easy storage

Weight: 3.7oz / 104.9g

OLIVE 61420
ORANGE 61425
MSRP $ 5.00
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