At first glance the Softie Elite Series appear to be just another series of quality sleeping bags from Snugpak. But the Softie Elite Series has a number of extra features, mainly the EPS (Expanda Panel System). In normal use, when the EPS is not needed, it is an extra thick zip baffle helping to keep out those unwanted drafts.

When extra room is needed, or desired, simply unzip the bag fully and find the internal zipper for the EPS and unzip it fully as well. Now with the main zipper of the sleeping bag fully unzipped and that of the EPS unzipped you can now take the zipper of the EPS and zip it together with the zipper of the main body.

When the transformation is complete. You will notice the EPS is tapered thus providing more room in the shoulder area than that of the foot area. The EPS provides the user an additional 5 - 10 inches of extra space.